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Look what I haven’t done in awhile! #Party Appreciation post!Last night during Atma farming,  we found these two ladies and decided to party up. They were very friendly, and Shiruco even has the SAME NAMED CHOCOBO AS MY CHOCOBO. (Such a good movie..) First one I’ve seen that has also used the name FROM the same movie! >DThey are friends IRL, and hopefully we’ll be able to either farm with them again or maybe run something together. They were very kind, these are the kinds of people I love finding int he community!

Finally figured out my chocobo’s color, now he doesn’t want to turn it. He keeps missing it, and I’m following a chart and the calculator. After maintenance tomorrow morning I’ll see if he changed properly.
Prob not I have some bad luck .n.

Yakul just change fo meee  :<

tailsofeorzea sent: "Plots will sell for the same price to both free company and individual buyers." (Sorry, not sure how to link to the location on the notes, but I believe they are up on the main site)

Yep thanks! Dont think it’s really fair either. FC’s are huge, and they usually pool a ton of money together :(

Tidbits from patch 2.38

There’s a hug emote   owo

One additional unsheathed weapon idle pose has been added.
Use the /changepose emote with your weapon drawn, and your character will assume a new pose while holding his/her weapon.
There are separate male and female poses for each class.
Poses will not change for five seconds after executing auto-attacks or actions such as weapon skills.

Finally read up on the player housing, the houses are gonna be bought out so fast… he said to wait a month for the next patch (2.4) for more wards but.. I think it should be more expensive if you are buying a house for your FC. Just imo.


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Wait what? can you link me to where it says this? :/ Ugh

These little ponds are quiet refreshing after a long day.
Little Urpdate.

Cleaning out my first retainer.. I haven’t touched it since before I stopped playing last year. It was filled with low level useless gear… (That I thought at the time I should keep) -  -;
But I need the room, my inventory is usually almost always full. So reminder for you guys, go through and do some cleaning on your retainers if you haven’t xD

Also, still unsure on my alt. Now I’m leaning towards a male Miqo’te, I just don’t know. So many options, with no name change system in. :<