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Got done a dungeon run, and when I asked a question nicely I got very rude retorts back. For no reason. Guys, it’s not some big deal if someone jsut wants to ask a question on something. Like if you are gonna mark stuff, yes I’ve been in here before and Im not stupid.
But the rude attitudes that keep popping up, especially from console players…

Well, FFXIV community si a lot nicer than most MMO’s Iv’e played. And idk if its cause im on one of the more popular servers.. or what. But PC players on FFXIV are generally nicer, then those who play PS. By my experience, and Im really not sure why that is.

But nice to people. Being asked a question isn’t going to kill you, and neither is marking targets because someone asked.  I’m not going to explode or rage cause you dont want to, but you could have said so in a decent manner. Rude attitudes are not pretty, people.

And the guy who’s been hounding me to play :PThis is Code’s Elf - Athalin
Bf and I’s Elves together




Doing important things with shanti-zhef and laninilanii.

We accomplished so many important things!

This looks super important, I’m glad our officers are so capable! ♡
Idk what this guy wants, he moved from his bench he was on over to mine. He’s slowly getting closer…. *Raises eyebrow*
Finally got around to it, and decided to change her up - minor bits.I do like the face markings, and im glad I can change her hair around anytime.(Though I do like the new hairstyles.. EVERYONE has them. So I’m trying to not look like everyone else TOO much xD;)